Kids Broomball gets off to a roaring and hilarious start!

Tuesday, February 2 at 4:30 PM, marked the beginning of the 1st annual season of kids Broomball. 28 kids participated in a fun filled and exciting 90 minutes of play, with older Broomballers acting as coaches. The season runs every Tuesday night from 4:30-6:00 PM, through February 23rd.

Contact Libby Grabow, who handles getting the kids from the Ophir school to the rink. You can also bring your kid(s) to the rink. Participation is free. For additional information, contact the League Commissioner, Patrick McCauley at

Tuesday, January 12, marked the season opener for Big Sky Broomball.

Conditions were great and Mother Nature was kind, while 6 games were completed to a cheering crowd of over 100 players and spectators.  (See results below.)

Long time organizer, Jason Meyers said, “We had a great turnout. However, there is still room for more teams to sign-up”. Patrick McCauley is the League Commissioner and team captains take turns setting up for game nights and refereeing. For more information, visit the Big Sky Broomball League’s Facebook page. For weekly score updates, select CLINICS AND LEAGUES->BROOMBALL from the home page.

Games are played Tuesday nights from 7:00-11:00 PM. Bring your friends and cheer your favorite team.

February 23rd Games (includes make-up games from previous weeks)

  • Sweeping Beauties was the victor over Top Shack Whackers
  • Don’t Yurt Yourself beat Brewzers
  • Steel Shepherds was the winner against Spookybirds
  • Top Shack Whackers smacked Rufio
  • Sweeping Beauties took down Brewzers
  • Steel Shepherds surpassed Don’t Yurt Yourself
  • Spookybirds went around Rufio
  • Steel Shepherds slipped passed Sweeping Beauties in a shootout
  • Don’t Yurt Yourself edged by Rufio in a shootout
  • Top Shack Whackers downed the Brewzers
  • Sweeping Beauties overtook Spookybirds

February 2nd Games

  • Rufio over Brewzers
  • Don’t Yurt Yourself beat Sweeping Beauties
  • Top Shack Whackers was the winner against Steel Shepherds
  • Sweeping Beauties cleaned Rufio
  • Spookybirds took down Don’t Yurt Yourself
  • Top Shack Whackers clipped Steel Shepherds

Current Standings as of 1/26, with 2 points for a win and 1 for a shootout loss:

  • Steel Shepherds 12 points
  • Sweeping Beauties 10 points
  • Spookybirds 8 points
  • Don’t Yurt Yourself 6 points
  • Top Shack Whackers 4
  • Rufio 2
  • Brewzers 1

January 26th Games

  • Spookybirds over Brewzers
  • Don’t Yurt Yourself beat Top Shack Whackers
  • Steel Shepherds won against Rufio
  • Sweeping Beauties swept by Spookybirds
  • Top Shack Whackers downed the Brewzers
  • Don’t Yurt Yourself surpassed Rufio
  • Steel Shepherds cleaned the Sweeping Beauties in a game of undefeated teams 2-1

January 19th Games

  • Steel Shepherds got the win against Don’t Yurt Yourself
  • Spookybirds took out Rufio
  • Sweeping Beauties claimed the Brewzers
  • Top Shack Whackers over Rufio
  • Steel Shepherds beat Spookybirds
  • Don’t Yurt Yourself edged by the Brewzers in a shootout
  • Sweeping Beauties led Top Shack Whackers

January 12th Games

  • Steel Shepherds over Top Shack Whackers
  • Spookybirds beat Don’t Yurt Yourself
  • Sweeping Beauties swept passed Rufio
  • In their second game, the Steel Shepherds aced out the Brewzers
  • The Spookybirds came back again to beat Top Shack Whackers
  • Rufio turned their earlier tide and surpassed the Brewzers
  • Sweeping Beauties cleaned up on Don’t Yurt Yourself