All Ages Pond Hockey

Pond HockeyPond hockey is much like ice hockey, but far simpler and is designed to be played on a natural frozen body of water.  Since we don’t have any natural bodies of water we play on our hockey rink.  The rink is 50-80% of the size of a standard rink and is played without hockey nets. Instead we use boxes that we built.  Pond hockey places more emphasis on skating and puck handling ability and less on shooting and checking.


Some rules that are associated with the game are:

  • Games are played four on four with two 15 minute halves.
  • The goal is blocked off with only two approximately six-inch openings in both corners of the box.
  • There is no goal tending, no checking, no slap shots, and no fighting.
  • There are no off sides or icing calls and all players must wear a helmet.

There is no sign-up. Just show up with your skates and helmets. The goals will be on the ice and teams are ad-hoc each evening.