3-on-3 adult hockey will begin soon!

To register a team, email bigskyice@gmail.com 

2021-2022 League Rules


  1. Maximum of 6 players on a roster; Minimum of 3 players on a roster
  2. Must have at least 3 players to play a game
  3. If only 3 rostered players are available, one outside substitute can be used
  4. If there’s only 2 rostered players available, then it’s a forfeit
    • If there’s enough substitutes, a game can be held, but it will still be a forfeit in the records.
  5. All players must wear hockey skates & a helmet and use a hockey stick. Shin guards and Elbow pads are highly recommended. Other protective equipment is optional.
    • No goalie sticks or gear is permitted

Each team will have a Captain who are responsible for:

  1. Team registration & payment
  2. Corresponding with league officials

Game Format

  1. 10min pre-game warm-up
  2. Two 20min halves
    • Running time; no time-outs or stoppage
    • Each half will start with a face-off
  3. 2min halftime
  4. Substitutions can be made during play (on-the-fly)

Game Play

  1. Teams will take care of changing scoreboard & keeping time
  2. Goals will be placed against the boards to prevent movement
    • If ice is degraded along the boards the goals will be moved forward to a suitable location. No play will happen behind the goals; if the puck enters this no play zone, the defending team gets to retrieve the puck and put it into play.
  3. Teams will switch sides at halftime
  4. Teams must give the opposing team ½ ice after a goal is scored, the puck goes out-of-bounds, or an infraction takes place
  5. Infractions:
    • No checking
    • No slapshots allowed (swinging the stick above the waist in either wind-up or follow-through)
    • No contacting the puck with the stick above the waist
    • No passes lifted above the waist
    • Players cannot fall, lay on the ice, or take a knee in an effort to protect the goal area
    • Players cannot throw sticks in an effort to protect the goal area
    • Goaltending is not allowed. No camping out or remaining stationary in the crease area. Defenders may deflect or block the puck, but must continue to move through the crease area. The crease is an area 4 feet in front of the goal.
    • Fighting is strictly prohibited. Any player that fights will be ejected from the league
  6. There are no off-sides or icing calls

The regular season will run from 12/7 – 3/15.

  1. No extra time or penalty shots for ties
  2. Schedule & record keeping with be done by League Lobster
    • Two points for a win
    • One point for a tie
    • Zero points for a loss

Post season playoffs will be a single elimination bracket format.

  1. Structure dependent on the number of teams in the league
    • Potential for consolation game for 3rd place
  2. Ties will result in sudden-death overtime

Adapted from the “Official US Pond Hockey Championship Rules”

A League

This league is for experienced hockey players who want competitive play with small sided games. It will be fast paced, high scoring play. At least two players per team should have played organized hockey (high school, college, men’s league).

B League

This is a beginner level league for people who’ve never played hockey before to people with more experience who just want to have fun. The play is still competitive, but at a slower pace than the A League. Any team winning by double digits for 3 consecutive games will be moved to the A League.